Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Joseph Atwill's Blunder: Serapis and Jesus

I've come across this post by author Joseph Atwill at the Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus Blog which claims the following:
The Emperor Hadrian wrote a letter indicating that Serapis and Christ were the same god. From Hadrian – “There those who worship Serapis are, in fact, Christians, and those who call themselves bishops of Christ are, in fact, devotees of Serapis. Even the Patriarch himself, when he comes to Egypt, is forced by some to worship Serapis, by others to worship Christ.“
Atwill uses this assumption to support his published claims that Christianity was synthesized by a Roman Imperial cult.  Considering his lengths at parsing Roman history and motives, it's quite funny he has made such a tremendous blunder.  If you have been following my last post, "Serapis and Jesus: Ray Hagins is Wrong," you will be aware that this "Hadrian" quotation is actually widely known to be a forgery dating just before the fifth-century.  Seriously, you can't read an introduction to the Historia Augusta (the source of Atwill's quotation) without immediately encountering the forged nature of the document.  Here is one by Glanwill W. Bowersock in a proceeding volume of the Genevan conference on the Historia Augusta in which he continues to discuss the late fourth-century dating of the source:
The presence of fiction in the Historia Augusta is by now an established fact.  The mischievous author of this work pretended, as we all know, to be writing historical biographies; but this pretense, though compelling the inclusion of genuine historical material, imposed no perceptible limits on his wit and invention.[1]

  Fooey!  Kinda makes you look askance at everything else Atwell has to say, doesn't it?

[1] “The Aethioica of Heliodorus and the Historia Augusta,” in Historia Augusta: Colloquium Genevense II., ed. Giorgio L. Bonamente (Italy: Edpuglia, 1994), 43.


  1. No, it doesn't, and when you grow a brain perhaps you won't look so "askance" yourself little boy.

    1. Wow, cogent rebuttal Thom. You know, I sent this blog post to Atwill and he disallowed it as a comment without responding. Maybe you should ask him why.

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  3. This guy is really stupid. The point is that your people robbed the knowledge of kemit and twisted it to suit your selfish desire for power, greed. You used a system of tricks and lies to manipulate and conquer Africa as well as each other. Most so called white scolars are dumb when it comes to esoteric knowledge. You look at information very primative and have an inferior framework when it comes to researching antiquity.