Monday, April 29, 2013

Did Paul Write Ephesians? A Critique of Bart Ehrman

Below is a sampling of the type of arguments Bart Ehrman uses in his book Forged and how other scholars have responded.  The conclusion:
We have seen by sampling Ehrman’s particular arguments that Pauline authorship is hardly some fatuitous opinion commiserating alongside King James onlyists and Henry Morris in the dark dungeon where discarded fundamentalists ideas deserve to be exiled.
Possibly one of the finer sentences of my career.  I'd put most of the terrible exegetes over at in that dungeon too for all the clever ways they find to explain away anything offensive in the Bible and get it to the top of Google's search engine.

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  1. Most modern scholars would agree with Ehrman.

    He has a new book up to date on this entitled "Forgery and Counter-Forgery" which goes into the subject more.

    That's lower on my "to read" list. I'm hoping to get Raymond Brown's "Introduction to the New Testament" this fall.