Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back from Hiatus with Groundbreaking Ancient Astronaut Discovery

I've been gone for months. Since last I posted, I’ve been married to a ridiculously attractive Irish goddess (Someone call John MacAuthor, miracles are for today!). I've moved, been studying, divining the problems with my home internet and rearticulating a raccoon skeleton.

But I know you guys don't want excuses. You want to read about significant contributions to the scholarship of ancient history. What I'm going to present to you today is a real game changer for the ancient astronaut crowd. This may finally be the final word in the debate. I present to you the Marduk relief from Nineveh:


In the lower line rendition you can clearly see what is a modern wrist watch on Marduk's left arm:

Come on History Channel, write me a contract.


  1. Chris White did an excellent Documentary debunking this ancient astronaut theory and aliens the history channel put out. Well worth a watch.

  2. Chris White is a friend of mine, and Heiser featured in the documentary is my favorite scholar. Here's the link for readers: